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How to Avoid Windshield Damage during the Cold Season

Several Tips That May Help You Avoid a Rather Expensive Windshield Service

Winter poses several challenges for drivers. In order to avoid accidents, motorists must prepare their cars and themselves for the cold winter months. A full car inspection is recommended just before the winter comes in order to make sure that the vehicle is prepared for what’s about to come. Besides this, drivers must also get familiar with some of the most common problems that can occur during winter. Windshield damage is one of these common issues. In this article, you will find a series of useful tips that may help you avoid the need for a quite expensive windshield installation service


Watch out for pebbles

In order to keep roads dry and gripper, authorities often spread sand, pebbles, and salt on them. Although this ensures a strong tire grip even when temperatures are freezing, it also poses a certain problem to drivers. The tires of heavy vehicles (especially trucks) can throw pebbles from the road behind them, posing a risk for potential windshield damage for the vehicle driving close behind. In order to avoid such problems, keep your distance from vehicles driving in front of you.

Never use hot water to defrost your windows

The safest way to defrost a car window is to turn the heat on inside the car and direct the fan to blow towards the windshield. Additionally, you may help the defrosting process by removing snow and ice from the windshield. Under no circumstances you should pour hot water on the windshield. Due to the temperature impact, your windshield may crack instantly.

Cover your windshield over night

After you park your car for the night, consider throwing a blanket over the windshield in order to protect it from snow. This five minutes action can help you save at least half an hour in the morning.

Unfortunately, accidents happen. If your windshield got broken during winter, then it is imperative that you fix it right away. Aaron's Auto Glass is one of the most reliable windshield service

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