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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Car Windshield Installation Expert

What to Expect From Your Car Windshield Installer

If not repaired on time, small windshield chips can turn into full-size cracks. When this happens, the only viable option left is to replace the entire windshield. Make no mistakes, the process can be challenging. Under no circumstances are you allowed to replace the windshield yourself. You need to find a licensed and insured contractor for your auto glass installation project. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get familiar with the process. Knowing what to expect from your contractor may help you spot potential mistakes during the installation process.

  • Remove all loose glass, foreign matter, and dirt from the damaged area. The entire windshield or auto glass must be removed as well.
  • The edges of the window or windshield should be primed. The primer will need at least a couple of hours to dry.
  • If the pinch welds are scratched or damaged, then your installer should prime them accordingly. If the damage is extensive, then new pinch welds should be installed instead.
  • The new windshield or auto glass must be obtained for specific automobile makes and models. Prior to the installation, the technician should inspect the new glass for defects.
  • Moisture should be kept under control during the entire installation process and even after the process is completed. Extreme moisture may compromise the entire installation process.
  • All clips, moldings, and windshield wipers should be reinstalled once the auto glass installation project is completed.
  • If you’re replacing the back windshield of your car, then make sure that the technician reconnects the heating elements to the new glass and that he tests the functionality of the system as well.

These are some of the most important steps involved in a windshield replacement process. Some contractors may use different approaches; however, the outcome must always be the same. There is only one way a windshield should be installed. So, if you want to make sure that no mistakes will be made during your installation process, hire a professional contractor like Aaron's Auto Glass. Our auto shop is based in Fort Worth, TX but we offer mobile services to people in the surrounding areas as well. All you have to do is call us at (817) 380-9115.

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