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What Are the Different Types of Glass a Professional Windshield Service Has to Offer?

Windshield glass is not the same as standard glass, as it is specially designed for cars. They are made in such a way as to support the structure of a car, with the help of different kinds of safety glass. Safety glass is always used in automobiles due to the fact that there are less […]

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Several Tips That May Help You Avoid a Rather Expensive Windshield Service

Winter poses several challenges for drivers. In order to avoid accidents, motorists must prepare their cars and themselves for the cold winter months. A full car inspection is recommended just before the winter comes in order to make sure that the vehicle is prepared for what’s about to come. Besides this, drivers must also get […]

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Myths about Windshield Repair Services

The key to avoiding a rather expensive windshield replacement service is taking immediate action as soon as your windshield develops the first crack. Every minute wasted on debating whether to repair your windshield or not means wasted money. However, car owners have some uncertainties regarding windshield repair services that make them delay this urgent repair. As […]

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Is Your Car Ready for Winter?

Winter is certainly the most dangerous season to drive; for that reason, you need to pay special attention to your car maintenance during the cold months. Extreme changes in temperature can make your window crack or chip your windshield. In this blog post, you will find some very useful information about how to get your […]

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How Potholes Can Cause Further Damage to a Cracked Windshield

Summer is that time of year when potholes in local roads and highways tend to be worse than usual. This is mostly due to the fact that as temperatures rise, concrete and asphalt tend to cracks. When cars and large trucks drive over these cracks, parts of the asphalt break off, forming potholes. Potholes in […]

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What to Expect from Your Car Windshield Installer

 If not repaired on time, small windshield chips can turn into full-size cracks. When this happens, the only viable option left is to replace the entire windshield. Make no mistakes, the process can be challenging. Under no circumstances are you allowed to replace the windshield yourself. You need to find a licensed and insured contractor […]

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A Few Tips on Why You Should Leave Any Windshield Replacement to the Experts

Whether your front car window has been damaged by a hail or by an accident, you need to look for someone who has the qualification and experience needed to perform a proper replacement. There are many reasons why you should leave any auto glass installation to the experts, and has listed a few of them […]

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Why It Is Crucial to Bring Your Car to a Windshield Repair Specialist as Soon as the Crack Occurs

Many drivers are familiar with the frustration of a cracked or chipped windshield. Although auto glass damage can result from a variety of causes, by far, the most common is flying debris. What most drivers don’t seem to understand is that they need to address the problem as soon as it occurs. Here’s what can […]

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How to Avoid Rock Chips

Rock chips can happen very easily, especially with all the road construction that is going on during the summer. However, windshield cracks happen during the winter time as well, mostly due to the fine pebbles and defrosting chemicals that are spread on the road. The bottom line is that, when it comes to windshield damage, […]

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Tips and Tricks Offered by a Professional Auto Glass Replacement Service Provider

There are two types of windshield chips – the ones that can be repaired and the ones that require a complete windshield replacement. However, most cracks start as repairable chips and then develop into major problems. In other words, if you bring your car to a windshield repair center, you may be able to avoid […]

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